youtube iframe api

youtube iframe api

It uses the native event provided by YouTube's API. Testing seems to indicate that this message is needed only once, so this custom script only sends it once. This basically checks if.

module2: { ... }, params: { /* key:value pairs of. The playlist can be a custom playlist, a pre-existing playlist, a search results playlist, or a user uploads playlist. The desired quality level of the video to play, The time (in seconds) to start playing the video at, The time (in seconds) to stop playing the video at.
This event fires when the playback quality changes. On dirait que YouTube a mis à jour leur API JS, donc celle-ci est disponible par défaut! Skips to the previous video in a playlist. The event_data is of the form:{ value: null }. The demo requires Javascript enabled to use.

Set if the playlist should loop on completion. { Adds a new event listener to the player instance. option1: /* some type of value */, If a callback is added after the iframe event triggers, it will fire inside the on call. Returns the complete available extended API. The return value should be read-only, as modifying it directly does nothing. The name of the event to remove the listener from. YouTube's API repeatedly postMessage's a listening event to the iframe every 250ms. Returns info about the currently playing video, such as video id, author, and title. If the player displays controls, it must be large enough to fully display the controls without shrinking the viewport below the minimum size. Unless otherwise specified, the event data of all events are called with an event_data argument of the form: A function to be called when the event is triggered. option2: /* some type of value */, This event fires when an API change occurs. The event_data is of the form:{ value: /* new state */ }.

An object containing info about the video. Example values include, Returns a list of rates at which the video can be played at, The speed at which to play the video. This event fires when the playlist changes.

This event fires when the playback rate changes. Clears any video remnant once the video is stopped. This event fires when an error occurs.

The format of the object should be as follows: Note that for the following three functions, only the first argument is required. Destroys the player, removing any event listeners applied to it or any DOM nodes related to it. The event_data is of the form:{ immediate: /* true or false */ }The immediate entry will be true if it was called during the on call, and false otherwise. YouTube iframe API: how do I control an iframe player that's already in the HTML? It uses the native event provided by YouTube's API. Cette section répertorie les modifications apportées à l'API Player iFrame YouTube et à la documentation. video_id: /* string id of the video */, This event fires when an API change occurs. This event fires when the video's duration changes.

The this object of the call will be the player instance, and the first argument contains any event-specific data.

Note that YouTube's documentation on their similar getOption, getOptions, and setOption functions is dated.

There are various types of events that the API can send and the documentation is organized well enough to show how to write event listeners and respond to events. If this argument is an array, then it should be an array of video ids in the order they should be played.
The HTML excerpt below shows the onYouTubeIframeAPIReady function from the example above:The constructor for the video player specifies the following parameters: 1.

It can be directly integrated into an existing script or loaded as a stand-alone script.

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