the lady in the lake unsolved mysteries

the lady in the lake unsolved mysteries

Who is Jennifer Fairgate? Police never attempted to obtain fingerprints from JoAnn’s purse. If the car keys were found on the body, how could the car have been moved between JoAnn leaving church and the witness leaving? 640, This story has been shared 553 times. The official synopsis of “The Lady in the Lake” offers a preview of all the twists and turns from this curious case: “When JoAnn Romain’s car was found outside her church in Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan, police were quick to say she walked into the nearby freezing lake and drowned herself, despite the fact that an intense search did not recover her body. 553, This story has been shared 436 times. If the car left the lot and came back…how did her keys get zipped up in her pocket.

Which means wherever they possibly took the mom, they would’ve had to keep her for a while to return the key back into her jacket. The Netflix revival of the classic true crime series digs into mysterious events from the past in an effort to gain new information from audience members who may have the clues. JoAnn’s unexplained death has triggered controversy and public intrigue, though no criminal charges have ever been filed. That black scarf also made its way to the police station somehow, but was released out of the property system in 2015. If the car was moved, then they would need the key to drive it back. But Michelle actually listed another person as her lead suspect: JoAnn’s estranged first cousin, Tim Matouk.

JoAnn was allegedly fearful of her cousin. 198. Michelle Romain initially told police there were a number of potential suspects, including her father, her uncle (John Matouk), and another relative, police officer Tim Matouk. #unsolvedmysteries, A haunting clip for a frightening Halloween. And I’m mystified why the only discussion is suicide or murder?

This story has been shared 1,923 times. Is there some sort of dam or gate at the border between US and Canada? I think that these police didn’t do their job right how could you not know that by grabbing a purse hard it could rib and I felt like someone had access to space car keys also the part about her and the heels makes no sense like she would have fell into the water instead I can’t walk in tall heels imagine trying to walk down a steep sidewalk they didn’t even check the Purse for DNA And considering they didn’t even listen to the mothers children who probably knew her better than anyone and said that she would never do that and she was nervous especially after the phone call I pray they can find some answers soon . I believe it was a murder but this tidbit confused me! #unsolvedmysteries. VERY IMPORTANT FOR SOMEONE TO READ: JOANN ROMAIN WAS NOT MURDERED NOR DID SHE KILL HERSELF. Not one cop or detective could see…. The freezing cold water makes her drown. We also don’t know what his exact motive would be. She could not retrieve her keys out of the pocket but signalled the alarm in hopes of someone hearing it but unfortunately no one heard it. ” and “Never call me again.” After JoAnn hung up on Tim she turned to Michelle and said, “If something happens to me, look to Tim.”, The episode ends with this additional piece of information: “Michelle Romain and her family sued the City of Grosse Pointe Farms and additional defendants for conspiracy to cover up JoAnn’s murder.

yes the rosary beads did bring other questions to mind. There’s also the matter of JoAnn’s spare car keys. Submit a tip to #unsolvedmysteries ... We'd like to think Robert Stack would be proud. Seventy days after her disappearance, JoAnn’s body was found by two fishermen on Boblo Island in Ontario, Canada, 30-35 miles from where she allegedly entered the water. Witnesses saw JoAnn at the church service and noted that she left around 7:15-7:20 p.m. A witness heard JoAnn’s car alarm going off at around 7:20 p.m. At 7:35 p.m., a witness said the church parking lot was empty. But there are a number of inconsistencies. “Lady in the Lake” posits a few possibilities.

When the cops found Romain’s car, it was positioned in a different spot than when JoAnn arrived at church, indicating it had exited the parking lot at some point. Also was her car drivers seat pushed back or was it adjusted for her size? This “suicide theory” just doesn’t add up. JoAnn Matouk Romain’s family had been feuding over the family’s inheritance for 30 years. Unfortunately she succumbed to death without medical attention.

For me it was a conspiracy, it’s obviously tha not was a suicide, and the police insisted on it with weak arguments, the fact of the cousin Tim, be a cop, and for me seems a little nervous on the interrogation, point to a big conspiration for homicide, other factor, is no showing alibi for any cop, even the cousin, that was a principal suspicious in the case…. Who is Leva Bonaparte's Husband on 'Southern Charm'? As shown in the fifth episode of Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 titled Lady in the lake, JoAnn Romain had disappeared after attending a prayer service on a cold January night in 2010. Toxicology report? Help solve his case. Suicide? Right from the start? Police say they assume JoAnn climbed into the freezing lake to commit suicide. The police ruled her death a suicide. Michelle remembers her mom screaming at him saying, “How did you get my number? The night JoAnn Romain went missing, a mysterious man in a black scarf was seen near the part of the lake she allegedly went into.

The pilice were grievously neglegent… Beginning with not getting fingerprints or footprints.

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