rorke denver podcast

rorke denver podcast

Rorke spent 14 years on active duty as a Navy Seal, saw intense activity in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and later led training as a Commander of the SEALS.

Podcast CDR Rorke Denver with Josh Feathers June 24, 2020. Maybe it’s lessened in the past eight years or something, just thinking probably of course he has, although you’d be surprised how much some certain teams have done a lot of the work and how some haven’t across all the forces. John Cena was the host.

I know they’re assigned to a team, but how are they assigned?

One of the things that we do at SEAL training, I kind of coined a phrase called random acts of instructor violence. Donald Rumsfeld at that time as Secretary of Defense very much wanted to grow all of the special operations forces, and that’s because of their tremendous capacity and successes on the battlefield. That will come back later. Rorke gets extremely detailed about what’s involved with becoming a SEAL and provides insights on how to prepare for training.

Definitely there’s like this mythos around it. We want to find out very early who’s going to quit and who’s not.

We think of it as a good thing, getting rid of what you need and think of what the whole team and the we needs. Rorke was most recently seen on FOX’s American Grit.

There is unfortunately some hunting TV shows that will show people high-fiving and hooting and hollering and taking the big grip and grin photograph with that elk or the deer that they killed, but those aren’t the hunters I spend time with. The Complete Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant, Alison Levine on Leadership Lessons from Mt. For me it was probably a blessing going through training single, because I could just have utter focus on that and wasn’t … But there were guys that went through training that were married that I think it actually really was a deterrent and hurt them, and then ones that it really helped them.

In the ’70s Congress, both the House and the Senate, were in the high seventies, seventy-eight percent former military. Brett

If you enjoyed the show I’d appreciate it if you give us a review. When you first start, the whole training program demands basically full time, very little time off. Featured Episodes. After the show check out the show notes at for links to resources as well as a transcript on the show so you can delve deeper into those topics. I think if the standards remain the same, I have no problem with them working harder to get a better product into that program. Let’s talk about your book, Damn Few. The toughest person in our household sure as can be isn’t the SEAL, it’s my bride and how she’s run our family and dealt with the stress and the intensity of me being in harm’s way and doing the job overseas. If we had a cultural ethos where that went wrong so now I’m going to quit, we wouldn’t be able to do our job. We are going to destroy you because you failed to meet the standard that we gave you, so that’s just going to turn into a horrific day. Learn anything on demand from the world’s leading experts at The Great Courses Plus.

Sign up for Rorke's Commander's Coffee below and receive quick, hard-hitting pieces of leadership advice from his back porch straight to your Inbox. Rorke: No doubt. Brett: Did you marry your wife before or after you became a SEAL? All Rights Reserved. What was your career as a SEAL like? As a SEAL, as new guy, you’re going to either be stationed in San Diego or in Virginia Beach, Virginia at Little Creek. Brett: What sort of changes did they make to make sure they get more of the best coming to towards them? It should be something where you leave your hometown, you’ve got to go live on a substance wage for a year. TheBlackberryMagazine.comThis website and its content is available only for public display.

I’m just talking a lot about the reverence for that moment, and that that is not something that should just be blown off and be Hollywoodized.

I knew I wanted to serve. It talks a lot about the idea of everyone serving in some capacity, and then a lot of chapters that just kind of came out of the blue. He’s the author of two books, Damn Few, as well as Worth Dying For.

This is not specific to SEALs. He starred in the hit film Act of Valor , which is based on true SEAL adventures. Most people think of that in terms of bondage or some negative. Brett: This is interesting about you. On this episode, Rorke takes us behind the scenes of SEAL training and explains what we can learn from the SEALs about leadership, resiliency and teamwork. I think the reason our teams are so effective is they are small and nimble and creative and streamlined and only so many people can get through the course. I do a lot of speaking on leadership and high performance teams. Brett: I’m curious for the guys who are listening to this, as you call them young lions, who are like, “I want to do this.” Is there anything they can do to train or prepare for BUD/S both physically and mentally, or is this something that you don’t know if you’re going to pass it until you actually do it? The series followed 16 of the country’s toughest men and women as they faced a variety of military-grade and survival-themed challenges set in the wilderness.Denver is the founder of Ever Onward, a fresh, new brand designed to use Navy SEAL principles to call leaders to take action, to suffer, and to be bold so they can perform at their highest levels.

The reason I say it’s random acts of instructor violence is on the battlefield the acts of violence are going to be actually violent and they will be random.

We’re here, this is great,” we’ll beat you worse than the day you did it wrong. I think the unique parts of the SEAL training program actually are many, probably none so challenging as … This surprises people, because the training program is in San Diego, but dealing with the cold. Rorke: The best way to describe BUD/S now … BUD/S in it’s kind of insular self is about six months, but then we’ve kind of bulked it all now into one big training program.

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