racing radio frequencies

racing radio frequencies

They are located in SoCal near Pismo. Some dirt track frequencies are listed at the following links: Below are some series frequencies that have been posted a few times on, but for some reason the posts keep getting deleted so I'm reposting the freqs here for everyone's benefit: State Specific Information has been migrated to the following pages: Scanner frequencies for Dirt Late Model National Touring Series can be found at the following links: Scanner frequencies for Dirt Late Model Regional Touring Series can be found at the following links: Dirt Track Racing - Scanner Frequencies Used at Individual Tracks,, Florida Sports Events and Organizations Frequencies, Georgia Sports Events and Organizations Frequencies, Illinois Sports Events and Organizations Frequencies, Indiana Sports Events and Organizations Frequencies, Iowa Sports Events and Organizations Frequencies, Kentucky Sports Events and Organizations Frequencies, Mississippi Sports Events and Organizations, Mississippi Sports Events and Organizations Frequencies, Ohio Sports Events and Organizations Frequencies, Tennessee Sports Events and Organizations, Tennessee Sports Events and Organizations Frequencies, Wisconsin Sports Events and Organizations, Wisconsin Sports Events and Organizations Frequencies, If you don't already know the track frequency, Using.
Commonly bought by NASCAR fans so the conversation and experience can be shared. All of their scanners come with a 1-year warranty.

You can get a feel for the driver and pit crew personalities as well as hear what’s happening in real time. Some hunts have the only stipulation that the Fox just needs to be heard from the starting location. If you want to listen in on emergency dispatch scanners, you can.

Sometimes this is really funny, but remember, this is unfiltered, so it can be quite vulgar. Featured Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Newest Best Selling. We HIGHLY recommend going the Amazon route because you will get a blank radio.

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It is like hi tech geocaching! Having zero previous experience, and wasting a bunch of time because we had the wrong frequency to begin with.

We recommend buying a NASCAR scanner with at least 200 channels. You can buy the same radios that Rugged Radios sells, on Amazon, legally, for a fraction of the cost of a Rugged Radio. These hunts usually take place across entire counties, and sometimes entire states.

This page was last edited on 29 May 2015, at 20:38. For under $70, you can start doing Fox Hunts, or find people that are using radios illegally. They are located in SoCal near Pismo. So how do you cover communications over that distance? RADIO - BPR40 16 CHANNEL ULTRA HIGH FREQUENCY 450-470 4W MOTOROLA PORTABLE. Remember, 15% of your registration goes back into keeping our trails open! If you buy a scanner from us we’ll program for free.

We were able to find it within about 2 hours. And you can do that without any sort of license. If you want to listen in on ham radio repeaters, you can.

If you neglect or refuse to do that, then the FCC will move on to a more fun way of tracking you down. If you get one of the below radio options, get in contact with us, and we will get you a free programming list so that you don’t have to worry about the FCC using you as a Fox Hunt. Listening to qualifying provides insight on what each racer is working on, or what problems they may be having. We did a Fox Hunt recently.

Note that some NASCAR official communication is done using digital frequencies so users cannot listen. It was our first one ever.
The Raceceiver frequency is often 454.000, but it could be any frequency between 450-470 MHz.

Listen to TV (FOX & ESPN) or radio broadcasts live at the race.

If you’re going to listen to the same NASCAR scanner as someone else, you’ll need a 2 Way Headset Splitter. But Race Radios is really a term that has been coined by a couple of companies, mainly Rugged Radios and PCI Radios. It was surprising to us how easy it actually was to find a radio transmitter (once we knew what we were doing). Note that we offer free programming with all scanners we sell. Here are the NASCAR and IndyCar frequencies for the current season: NASCAR uses the same set of operational frequencies throughout the year regardless of what track they’re at. For that answer, we get to travel to Johnson Valley! You can find all of these race frequencies below: About 30 miles. Feel free to leave any comments or questions below! with the same frequencies at each race so these frequencies do not change throughout the year. Any police scanner will work including a digital scanner, but an analog scanner is all you need to listen to NASCAR.

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