political cleavages ap gov

political cleavages ap gov

IEF 5. IEF 4. list examples of cleavages - Ethnic - Nationality - Religious - Regional - Age - Urban vs rural - Education. Gravity.

For example, if a nation was divided by cross-cutting cleavages then some people of a certain ethnic group might be rich while other people of the same ethnic group might be poor. Cleavages - Pragmatic conservatives v. radical clerics, The complicated set of cleavages in Iran is made more complex by distinct divisions among the clergy that have led to many important disagreements at the top levels of policymaking. Electoral Systems and Rules. Government insistence that all activities in Iran are in accordance with Islamic teachings is largely responsible for this fact. Iran's main ethnic minorities, especially the Azeris, Balochs, and Kurds continue to struggle against the Iranian government's failure to uphold their economic, social, and cultural rights as well as their civil and political rights. Terms in this set (28) define a cleavage. Although 98% of the Iranian population is Muslim, religious tensions have a significant impact on the Iranian political landscape. GENDER AND POLITICAL Gender and political cleavages can often lead to positive change, as shown by the graph below. 1971. The “challenges” (i.e. Impact of Social Movements and Interest Groups. DEM 4. 4.2 .

If you imagine parties on a horizontal line for a certain issue, cleavage is the vertical line that divides the parties into supporters and opponents of the issue. Since the 1960s, the concept of cleavage has become current in the social science research concerned with the formation of European party systems. 4.4 . a division within a population in which the members associate with different sides . T . Unit 2 AP Government. Spell. Public opinion surveys show that Iranians in general have a stronger sense of national identity than do citizens of most Arab countries. when a political system is affected by more than one such cleavage; it matters whether the different cleavages are cumulative or cross-cutting. Many studies in economics and political science include the concept of ethnic diversity as a key independent variable in empirical studies. Although Iran has stated that it wishes to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, as is its right under international law, it has also stated that it is not fair that five powers have the legal right to nuclear weapons while the rest of the, Religious, Ethnic, Regional, Reformist/Conservative, Rich/Poor. 6. PAU 2. Political Cleavages. Match. Social or cultural cleavages thus become political cleavages once they get politicized as such.

Way in which political opinions are formed helps explain cleavages that exist among these opinions and why they don't follow any political principle but instead overlap and crosscut in bewildering complexity. He also strongly defended Iran's right to a nuclear program. Their Persian roots encourage the perception that Iran is a distinct culture, and pride in being Iranian is quite pronounced. Coinc  iding. Identify one social cleavage and one economic cleavage that commonly occur in societies. Political predisposition – A characteristic of individuals that is predictive of political behavior.

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