most expensive grocery store items

most expensive grocery store items

Other nuts are in the same ballpark: Almonds are $9.99 a pound and pecans, which I only ever buy to make pie at Thanksgiving, are $13.99. In recent years, almonds have gotten a bad rap as a major water consumer on the drought-ravaged West Coast. Target's Simply Balanced brand has really cheap dried Montmorency cherries. You make a great point--$200 in two days is a lot of grocery money.

Originally I wrote that I had that much with 10 days until my next paycheck.

Not a lot—and certainly not enough to indulge in big-ticket items if I wanted my money to last. Only Welfare recipients live better.

Likely they’re in that range where you shop, too. Agree with Derek Phillips about the Parmigiano Reggiano. The grocery store is counting on you buying these items so you don’t have to make one more stop. As a treat, I’d buy it to see if it’s really that good. It makes even the simplest of pasta dishes taste extra special. Vanilla BeansIn my baking life, I’ve bought vanilla beans exactly once and it was so long ago, I cannot recall why. The same amount of almond butter from the same company costs, where I shop, $13.36. It's the laws that determine the butterfat level in butter. It’s easy and healthy. To make croutons, just cube or shred the bread before drying it in the oven; if you’re making bread crumbs, pulse the dried croutons in a food processor. I apologize if, in the end.

9. Split them with a friend and you're good to go. Some convenience products are wonderful for emergencies, but silly and expensive for everyday use. In my experience, they're much better quality as well. If you have to, at least find some Grana Padano.

Dried CherriesWhat accounts for the high price of dried cherries?

Don’t think you need 1/4 pound of vanilla beans? What you save in money, you might pay for in time. 3. Where I shop they’re $42.40 per pound. Two hundred dollars for two days would be a fortune to most of the planet's inhabitants. The price seems justified, certainly, but if you’re like me and just cannot get over that high per pound cost, rest assured there is an easy substitute: vanilla extract, which costs $4.12 for a two-ounce jar. Might have missed something, either math or english ;-) --. 8. With some sensible shopping, a little extra time, and – yes – a little bit more effort, you can shave dollars off of your grocery bill. Artichoke HeartsI heart artichoke hearts but am generally too lazy to steam fresh artichokes (it takes 45 minutes at least!). Dairy and pantry items often dismay me with their high prices.

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