lizabeth scott and lauren bacall

lizabeth scott and lauren bacall

Great blog post! Handsome and enthusiastic, the Mexican-born Novarro quickly earned a place among Hollywood’s rising stars. To be frank, Lauren Bacall was the third classic actress I stumbled upon (the first was Audrey Hepburn, the second was Vivien Leigh), and so she will always have a special place in my heart. She was a sultry blonde bombshell with a smoky voice and stellar acting skills, much like the legendary Bacall herself. Loving You would be her last film until 1972, when she acted alongside Michael Caine in Pulp (her appearance in this film has been marked as her last appearance in any cinematic media). It was here she changed her name to Elizabeth Scott, but in order to give more oomph factor, she eventually dropped the E. Apart from reaching their peaks during the 1940s, both women, I noticed, were eerily similar. After a brief ordeal in terms of jurisdiction (the magazine was published in New York, and Scott was a resident of California, where she filed the lawsuit, so initially this went nowhere), Liz’s lawyer, Jerry Giesler, refiled the case in New York.

Despite this, she made a name for herself in 1944, which only grew in magnitude once she tied the knot with co-star Humphrey Bogart. Some sources added that Scott herself was Republican, as she was a formidable campaigner for Ronald Reagan throughout his political career (as opposed to Bacall, who was a staunch Democrat), and was also called by Confidential as a “second generation Republican”, although this latter source shouldn’t be considered valid, as it was a gossip magazine. A native of Pennsylvania, she was largely raised in the Catholic faith, but also had an upbringing filled with arts and culture, which ultimately shaped her vocation in life.

Apparently, their similarities existed long before both came to be in Hollywood. ( Log Out /  Lizabeth Scott had another thing going against her in Hollywood. She was a sultry blonde bombshell with a smoky voice and stellar acting skills, much like the legendary Bacall herself. Lauren, christened as Betty Joan Perske, was born on the 16th of September 1924 in the Bronx, New York City, and was the only child of Natalie Weinstein, an emigrant from Romania and William Perske, whose origins have been traced in the European country of present-day Belarus. The jury’s still out on Crawford’s sexuality, but in the years since her death, it’s been reported that she had affairs with Barbara Stanwyck, Marilyn Monroe, Martha Raye, and an unknown actress by the name of Marion Morgan. The article further insinuated that, during her trip to Cannes in 1954, Liz was involved with Frédérique “Frédé” Baulé, a notorious Parisian who ran a cabaret club specifically catered to the upper class. The biggest factor which attributed to their different paths can be the attitude each actress possessed during her stay in Hollywood. The reaction to this fact can attribute to her growing insecurity and consciousness, since there was a stigma when really, there needn’t be. Unable to come to terms with his homosexuality, Novarro took to hiring hustlers in secret to stave off his loneliness. It’s also been speculated that she had tender feelings for her childhood friend Mimi Pollack.

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