jeanne de la motte

jeanne de la motte

Son frère Jacques avait commandé la Surveillante (1778), frégate déjà célèbre par son combat contre le Québec en 1779. Instead Nicolas took the necklace to London, where he began to break it up and sell off the stones slowly so as not to flood the market.

So they were found guilty technically, but in the hearts of everyone in France, Marie Antoinette was the real villain. They first went to see the Cardinal, but he (prompted by more forged letters) gave them the runaround. She hoped that a tree would break her fall; instead it broke her leg and sent her tumbling head first to the ground where the impact knocked one of her eyes out. Le cardinal fut jugé non coupable et acquitté, tout comme Nicole Leguay. Boehmer and Bassenge, the most exclusive jewelers in Paris [3], had been commissioned by King Louis XV to create a diamond necklace for his mistress Madame du Barry. Marie-Antoinette though made it clear that she had no intention of purchasing anything ever intended for a royal mistress. Jeanne de La Motte était désignée comme intermédiaire. Actually, not hard at all: at the time, anyone dressed suitably fancy was allowed to enter Versailles. Plot twist! He was one of the “nobles of the Church”, heir to a bishopric which had been in his family’s control for generations and which came with a seat as Prince-Elector in the Holy Roman Empire. She died from her injuries a few days later, at the age of thirty-five.

So it's easy for you to find and enjoy high quality content from our wonderful contributors. He died in 1762, when Jeanne was only six years old. This proved to be a fortunate occurrence for the children, as the Marquise’s wife took a liking to her new foster children. And then she heard about the necklace. Jeanne sera la seule à défrayer la chronique (et à entrer dans l'histoire). Jeanne’s connection with de Rohan paid some immediate dividends for the de la Mottes, with Nicolas receiving a post in the bodyguard of the Comte d’Artois as a result of the Cardinal’s influence. So, this whole thing made the King and Queen look really bad to the public. Though Jacques inherited an estate from his father near Bar-sur-Aubein the northeast of France, he did not really inherit enough money to maintain it; at least not combined with his constant drunkenness and Marie’s spendthrift nature.

Their marriage, which had survived multiple infidelities in the Parisian court, did not survive their exile to London. Le roi et la reine souhaitèrent un procès public. So just like… prepare yourselves.

Après plusieurs démarches infructueuses, il en était arrivé à la conclusion que seul le roi de France serait en mesure de verser la somme qu'il demandait.

Loin de laver l'honneur de la reine, le procès entacha sa réputation et le public la vit dans le rôle de la coupable. Jeanne would later in her autobiography blame her mother for squandering the inheritance, but this may have been to cover up how little there was to squander. The gigolo de Villette, found guilty of forgery, was also exiled from the country. But the pre-revolutionary population of France hated her already for other reasons and were like, “Bitch, we know you wanted that horrifying necklace,” and the only way to prove her innocence was to hold a very public trial for Jeanne & co. She managed to get around a hundred and twenty thousand francs out of him, a huge sum for the time. Jeanne-Marie Bouvier de la Motte-Guyon (commonly known as Madame Guyon, French: ; 13 April 1648 – 9 June 1717) was a French mystic and was accused of advocating Quietism, although she never called herself a Quietist.Quietism was considered heretical by the Roman Catholic Church, and she was imprisoned from 1695 to 1703 after publishing the book A Short and Very Easy Method of Prayer At the time Marie Antoinette was the prisoner of the Revolutionaries, and he hoped that this would help to win her some clemency. Rétaux de Villette fut déclaré coupable de faux et exilé, ainsi que le comte Cagliostro. She hired a sex worker who resembled the Queen and arranged for Rohan to meet this doppelganger in the gardens at Versailles (which, again, anyone could get into if they dressed nicely enough). A year later, in July of 1792, the Revolutionary Court of Paris quashed her conviction; part of their campaign to blacken the name of the monarchs. Instead he was taken before the King and Queen and asked to explain himself. [4] Originally this sentence would have meant a life of slavery as a galley-rower. [2] Beugnot was the son of one of the nobles who helped Jeanne when she returned to Bar-sur-Aube. Since he had been previously visited by Jeanne and his friends, the Cardinal (now clutching at straws) doubtless thought that he may have been in on it. When they completed their schooling they were sent into a convent, but Jeanne turned out not to have “the monastic temperament”. En tout état de cause, la généalogie de la famille fut vérifiée et les enfants bénéficièrent grâce à Madame de Boulainvilliers de dispositions mises en place pour porter assistance aux rejetons des familles nobles mais pauvres : Jacques reçut une modeste pension (1 000 livres) et entra dans une école d'officier ; les jeunes filles furent mises au pensionnat à Passy, puis dotées d'une pension de 900 livres et destinées au couvent de Longchamp.

Jeanne herself only found out about her sentence the morning it was to be carried out and fought every inch of the way as she was stripped, flogged and then branded with hot irons. Whether this was true or not is impossible to say; she gave birth to twins shortly after the wedding but they only survived a few days.

As a result it (and Jeanne) have been the subject of much interest over the last two centuries. Rétaux was also swept up pretty quickly. Le comte de La Motte s'enfuit à Londres. She was chronically unfaithful, of course, as was he. At the conclusion of the trial Nicolas de la Motte, who was still hiding out in London, was sentenced in absentia to be flogged, branded and then to serve life on the galleys. They had previously written a letter to the Queen thanking her for purchasing the necklace and noting that they had not seen her out wearing it yet. Le collier entre ses mains, le comte de La Motte se dépêcha de vendre les diamants à Paris et à Londres. (The implication that this meant the Queen would have met him in the gardens at midnight was lost on nobody.) They had first made it in hopes that the previous King’s mistress (Madame du Barry, a subject for another day) would want to buy it; when she died, they were left with this very valuable item that was pretty much bankrupting them. Take a second to support Ann Foster on Patreon! At the conclusion of the trial Nicolas de la Motte, who was still hiding out in London, was sentenced in absentia to be flogged, branded and then to serve life on the galleys.

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Unusually it was a public one; since the reputation of the Queen had been impugned then the King decided that this should be all resolved out in public. To the jewellers, it was a monkey on their back, bankrupting them and also being extraordinarily heavy to wear due to how many diamonds were on it. It was the feast day of the Assumption of Mary, and the Cardinal de Rohan was due to officiate at a mass attended by the royal family. So you might think this would be the last anyone ever heard of Jeanne but OH NO, she’s not done yet. The End of Jeanne de la Motte. It’s likely that’s what the letters he received were leading up to. First, Jeanne spread a rumour (meant for the Cardinal and Boehmer’s ears) that Marie-Antoinette actually desperately wanted the necklace, but was afraid of her husband’s disapproval of the extravagance if she bought it. Once out she was met by a confederate of her husband, who smuggled her across the ocean to England. He was sent off to the Bastille, and the investigation began. Was found guilty and sentenced to be whipped, branded, and imprisoned. And that was how they pulled off the biggest con of the 18th century. Sa mère, Marie Jossel (déc. The public audience were largely sympathetic to Jeanne, who the believed was simply a pawn being sacrificed by the “evil Queen”. How would she do this?

Rowed galleys were no longer in use at this time, but the sentence was still used to mean permanent imprisonment on the hulk ships used as prisons. She handed him a white rose, and said “You know what this means.” (In the “language of flowers” popular in European courts at the time, a white rose meant “I am worthy of your affections”.) Rétaux de Villette, maître-faussaire, écrivit des lettres signées de la reine, prétendant qu'elle désirait le collier, mais savait que le roi jugeait l'achat déraisonnable. She was alarmed by this story, and took it to the Queen. In the latest and best book on Marie Antoinette and the Diamond Necklace, L'Affaire du Collier, Monsieur Funck-Brentano does not tell the sequel of the story of Jeanne de la Motte, n e de Saint-Remy, and calling herself de Valois. Cookies are yum so we use them to make your HeadStuff experience more yummy. La dernière des Valois fut la cousine de ce dernier, Élisabeth, baronne Wilhelm von Wirsing, décédée en 1934. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The sentence took place in June of 1786, around a month before her thirtieth … Her date of death was two years before the execution of Marie Antoinette during the French Revolution — an event that feels sort of inevitable, but a seismic shift in culture that may not have happened when or how it did, were it not for the way that Jeanne and the affair of the necklace permanently ruined Marie Antoinette’s reputation. This further incensed the crowd and she was swiftly bundled off to the Salpêtrière, a prison for “dissolute women”. It was only thanks to the charity of the locals that they survived.

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