death metal album covers

death metal album covers

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Decomposed 6. Let us introduce ourselves! Maggots In Your Coffin 18. I really like this cover! This Swedish death-metal quartet wallows in the filth on tracks like “Giving Head To The Dead” and “Walking But Dead.” If the zombie apocalypse occurred in 1970, Apple Records still would have had a hit on their hands. Nile really know how to make great covers that represent their music. Blunt Force Flight 5. After Repka created the artwork for Death's first three albums, the underappreciated René Miville produced the next three. It doesn't get much more death metal than this. But it's their fault! Thomas Cole's The Course of Empire: Destruction has always been one of my favourite paintings. We liked him better as a werewolf. Future album covers by these Buffalo death-metal pioneers would actually be gorier and more explicit. Other types of package and booklets are discussed individually. Despite Being Very Dead. Awesome death metal cover! Dark and evil, exactly how death metal should be. Driven To Insanity 12. Brillirant use of colour (all the blues and blacks give the yellow and red a striking quality) and truly eerie atmosphere suck the viewer in. There have been endless covers portraying warriors fighting dragons and the like, but very few of them are as cool as this one. The Warmaster cover perfectly encapsulates the album's themes and is a pretty frickin awesome piece of art. I believe it's a kick ass album too so it's one to check out on multiple levels. The giant throned figure brings to mind Giger's wonderful work in Alien, while the stream of water running through such alien surroundings is pure genius. The year of release may have been 2011, but this gem is a strong throwback to '80s classics by bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. Every good horror movie gets a sequel, so naturally the classic 1987 concept album exploring timeless macabre themes has one too. The source of the barrell is completely irrelevant. Bands make sure that the album cover is a solid reflection on the atmosphere and ethos of their album in order to give their work further depth and immerse the listener by incorporating as many senses as possible. I can't find anywhere the name of this painting or who produced it, so if anyone knows, help me sleep at night! All are fascinating to look at, not to mention disturbing, but it's the colours of Diabolical Conquest that make it the pick of the bunch for me. Of course heaps of bands have tried to do the same thing, but Malevolent Creation's cover stands out for its use of red, and its absolute focus. Since the dawn of rock and roll, there have been detractors who heard the devil in the music. One look at the cover of Nile's debut album and there's no doubt about the themes included within. This ones a bit different however and is an icy cool, majestic image. It really sets the mood for Blackwater Park and the band manage to match it with some seriously gloomy sections throughout. We have plenty of them and we sell them for a discounted price. What are you waiting for? This cover screams death metal! This bizarre image made my list for being so damn warped. The in! The history of heavy metal is rife with these incredible album covers. The Trickster's Gallery - Top 50 Death Metal Album Covers (In Alphabetical Order).

New York noise-rockers Unsane's latest showed that five years off between albums had not dulled their edge.

ALL4BAND is an experienced team of artists who work with metal bands from all over the world for more than 5 years. It manages to be intellectually stimulating while maintaing the darkness and mystery a Monstrosity album demands. See more ideas about Album covers, Death metal, Metal albums. As a piece of art alone however, it more than meets the requirements. In other words, it's a fine death metal album cover! Years later the offshoot “heavy metal” began to take shape and officially embraced the idea of horror in popular music, featuring disturbing lyrics, confrontational themes and Grand Guignol album covers that many well-intentioned parents wouldn’t even allow in their house. Here then, are those most spine-tingliest metal album covers, for your All Hallow's Eve viewing pleasure. Marilyn Manson has spent years trying to convince us he's the anti-Christ, but we have never been as creeped out by him as in the early days. Elisabetta Sirani is responsible for producing one of the best examples Herodias presenting the head of John the Baptist. Far more subtle than the preceding Bolt Thrower covers, but no less effective. If you are looking for a death metal album artwork, we are glad to cover all your design needs. For most of his solo career, Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson didn't attempt to top Eddie with his album covers. Their logo fits incredibly well into the artwork too! Slash's Scariest + Silliest Halloween Stories, Don Airey Played Bass on Priest's 'Painkiller', Foo Fighters Release 'Shame Shame,' Announce New Album. Iron Maiden's famous mascot Eddie has been terrorizing the band's album covers and live shows for over thirty years. The title of Asphyx's second album suggests an I am Legend type theme, so I can only assume the zombified priest on its cover portrays how the rest of humanity now walks the earth.

Follow us on Twitter @LAWeeklyMusic, and like us at LAWeeklyMusic. Edgar Allen Poe may feature prominently on this cover, but he is not the only source of inspiration on this album, which also features songs inspired by vintage EC Comics, The Twilight Zone, and more. Capturing the horror themes that pervade the band's work, the quality of this piece of art far exceeds anything the band have ever done. Yet another Dan Seagrave effort and one of my favourite album covers of all time. This piece manages to be both creepily atmospheric and gorily horrifying all at once. It doesn't get anymore direct than this! Check out the examples of our drawn album cover arts for death metal bands below: More our album arts for bands of different genres you can see in our PORTFOLIO. Crematorium 11. 31 Scariest Metal Album Covers All Time 31 Scariest Metal Album Covers Acid Bath, 'When the Kite String Pops' Anaal Nathrakh, 'The Codex Necro' Autopsy, 'Severed Survival' (Censored Version) Black Sabbath, 'Black Sabbath' Blood of Kingu, 'Sun in the House of … Unfortunately, Helloween's Better Than Raw album cover (above) is more memorable than the music contained, as this album is not one of the European power-metal outfit's better efforts. This haunted house wouldn't be complete without an alluring and sexy witch to distract you, but you likely won't be happy with your final fate. We work with bands of many different genres, including death metal and its subgenres.

One of the landmark albums in thrash metal, Bonded By Blood has an appropriately horrifying cover. Clearly taken from a larger classic piece of art, this epic in scale, action packed cover demands I listen to this album.

This one's created by Ed Repka, who's much more famous for his work with various thrash bands (in particular Megadeth).

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